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  • Really pleased about the battery life and reliability of the electronics!

  • Very cool! Thank you for sharing your experience.

    One comment that really caught my attention was your mention of a major intersection where the drivers never let you go first. But with the turn signals on, they allow you to pass.
    I wonder, is the intention to turn left/right also visible from the front of the helmet? That is, when turning right, does the right side of the front light ‘bar’ flash on and off while the left side remains dark? Conversely for the left?
    If not, this would be a fantastic addition to the functionality of the helmet… – update – just looked at the video on the kickstarter site and sure enough, the front areas do flash. But perhaps the rest of the lights in front could go dark to make the turn signal that much more visible? An option to add to the future IPhone, Android and Windows 10 Mobile Apps…

    Thanks for the great right-up!

  • As you guys know (since I bug you about it every time) battery life in cold weather is a big one for me. Nice to hear it lasts a long time as my temps will be as low as -40C (-40F) in the winter.

  • Truly great to see input from head trauma professionals. The ideal beta tester if ever there was one.

    Jamie Boisvenue

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