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  • Location and motion sensing: The phone knows where it is and the helmet knows whether it’s moving. So, riffing on that:

    Simple version – Find My Helmet. “Last connected at 8:37am. Tap to see location.” (Launches Maps app with a pin.)

    Fancier – Prompt to launch Strava because I’m about to go on a ride. The Strava iOS app can’t do this alone, since the phone’s motion alone may mean I’m walking around. But if the helmet is moving, then 90% of the time that means I’m heading out for a ride.

    Bonus – Tell IFTTT that I’m heading on a ride.

  • I think it would be very interesting to have a connection with my smartfhone.
    I hope to hear from you soon my helmet.
    good day

    ennio derivi
  • Sería fantástico q se pudiera conectar al celular.. Estoy loca por recibir mi casco!!! Excelentes upgrades!!!!

    Keila García Colon
  • looking good – really looking forward to its arrival

  • Integration of the smartphone with the Helmet is great. As an avid cyclist, and after seeing your demo with the app, here is a day-dream I had about this integration. If I have a route already planned out on, say, STRAVA, and it’s downloaded into my phone, my phone knows when I’m about to turn left or right or some to a stop sign/light at an intersection and my day-dream wish would be that somehow the Lumos app could integrate with cycling navigation and fitness apps like STRAVA or MapmyRide, and the helmet automatically activates the turn signal, 50-75 feet before the turn. My understanding is that the helmet lights will activate automatically when coming to a stop, right? if so no integration would be needed there, but it would be really cool if the phone told the helmet, based on a pre-defined cycling route I was going to follow on a particular ride, when I was coming to a turn and the helmet activated on it’s own without me having to press the remote on my handbars. OK, that particular Day-Dream is over. Looking forward to receiving my Helmet in September!

    Lance King

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