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Ultra Awesome!!!

Looking great, fits great, price is excellent (I've paid way more for brand named helmets that offer no additional features). Love customizable profiles, remote is easy to install, perfect for evening rides just light up when it gets dark and use those turn signals. Just 1 request, please add Bluetooth speakers so I can listen to music when riding at the park.


Very good..!!🤟


This helmet is amazing! After you figure it out😂 you’ll love it!! I feel so much safer esp on cloudy days. So even if you don’t ride at night it’s really helpful.

Byron LW
Brightened up my day!

I couldn’t wait to try this bad boy out when I saw the kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns but missed out on both. I finally got one a few months ago and really enjoy it. The feature to set my flash patterns via the app I spent hours on, like a kid in Christmas.

The fit is good though I have to get use to the placement of the chin strap which is closer to my Adam’s apple than I’m used to.

I still haven’t figured out a comfortable position for the remote on my dropbars. Customer service has been square since day one and I appreciate team and the product.

Rachel Banks
Excellent helmet!

This arrived the day after I ordered it & was exactly what I wanted. It’s highly visible which essential on London roads. The front light is actually brighter than expected on the boost setting. The remote is easy to use & quickly pops off the handlebars for security when locking up your bike. I haven’t upgraded to automatic brake lights with the upgraded remote yet but considering it. The only thing I could think of to improve the helmet would be a detachable visor for rainy days