Lumos Group Buy Program

Interested in bringing Lumos to your workplace or cycling group?

We love it when people tell us stories about their helmet.

Our users have been asked about their Lumos helmet at work, on group rides, and even by strangers on the street. No joke: once, one of our users got pulled over by a cop to get asked where he got his helmet.

We admit, it’s a good-looking helmet, and naturally a lot of our users feel a sense of joy and pride in owning their helmet. But what if you could be more? A bearer of good news to your friends and co-workers who’ve been asking you, the trailblazer, where to get your helmet?

Because now you can. Introducing the Lumos Group Buy Program! 

Cool! What is it?

The Lumos Group Buy Program is a series of micro-crowdfunding campaigns. Think of it as a Groupon, but just for Lumos helmets :)

You (the Champion) reach out to us via this short application. If we approve your application, we'll set up a campaign page just for you, and similar to a Groupon, if enough people (minimum 8) join the campaign, then it "Tilts", and we can offer an amazing group discount. We save costs by shipping the helmets to a single address, and pass those savings onto you, making it a great deal!

This program is designed specifically for bike-to-work groups, cycling clubs, and other organizations interested in Lumos and a safer cycling experience.

Campaigns last for 10 days. If less than 8 people join the campaign, then it doesn’t Tilt, the campaign is cancelled, and no one’s cards are charged.


    • A minimum of 8 people must join the campaign for it to Tilt and be successful. If by the end of the campaign less than 8 people join, the campaign will be cancelled, and no one’s cards will be charged. No biggie.
    • If the campaign Tilts, all helmets will be shipped to a single address (the company or address registered to the cycling club). Helmets ship out within 2 weeks after the campaign ends.
    • Returns policy: If one or several helmets need to be returned, you can do so up to 30 days after receiving your helmet. Please note that return shipping is not covered by Lumos.

    Ready to get a great deal for your friends, co-workers or fellow cyclists at your cycling club? Get started by filling in a 2-minute application here!