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Customer Reviews

Based on 489 reviews
Night rider

First I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the helmet. Light-weight, easy to set up & control, and extremely comfortable. I was always hesitant to ride my bike to work in the fall because it was usually dark by the time I left work. My ride home would take me through some less than optimally lit areas and there is no secure bike lane. With my Lumos helmet, I feel much more confident riding home at night. The front light is bright enough to light up the road without impacting my vision and I've had several drivers come up next to me to mention how helpful the brake light and turn signals are. I've recommended the helmet to many of my friends who ride and I couldn't imagine myself ever riding again without my Lumos helmet. Thank you for making a great product.

Thank you for your review Brian, great to hear!
Great product!

Love this product. I’m never without my lights, which often get stolen from my bike or forgotten. And I feel much safer w the bright lights. Can wait to see new app updates!

Thanks for your review Roxy. We are always working on improvements and a new app update is coming up soon again.
Safety for the first time

I ride every morning when it is dark. I felt so unsafe with regular bike lights that when seeing a car from behind I tried to exit the street and go on sidewalk My helmet allows everyone to see me and in fact I feel completely safe. I have had many comments on what a great helmet this is. I love the fit and the color. I love this helmet. How do you ever put a cost on safety.

Saved my head.

I received my helmet as part of the Kickstarter campaign, then ended up moving somewhere cycling was difficult. It was so pleasing last year to be able to start cycling regularly again - commuting daily in Melbourne, wearing my Lumos helmet. The helmet is comfortable and the lights work extremely well. I never had any issues with battery life - charging it every third or fourth day after 1.5 hours of use daily. I received lots of great compliments on the high visibility.

The most important thing, though, is that I had a crash in April and it saved my head. I actually thought I hadn't even hit my head until later that evening when my neck started seizing up. Upon investigation of the helmet there was a heck of a dent there - yet it cushioned the blow so well that I didn't even realize I had hit my head. Given the speed I was going, I likely would have had some serious damage without this helmet.

Now I'm here to order a replacement (your Australian website has been unresponsive, so I'm having a new one shipped to a friend before I travel to the US again). I've been wearing my boring regular helmet in the interim and feel much less visible. Looking forward to being bright and shiny again!

Thanks for writing a review Sarah and we are glad to hear that you are safe!
Great for Safety, Good for Fun, Comfortable

My wife gave me a Lumos helmet for my birthday because I like technology and I like to ride. I'm riding in style and easy for the car drivers to see. It was a great gift for this old man on a bicycle!

Thanks for leaving us a review John, your wife has great taste!