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Lumos Matrix
Peter Wilding
Nice in white

We now have 2 matrix and 1 Kickstarter helmet in our household. The white matrix looks really good with the white background behind the LED. The visibility they provide really makes a difference. I have cars stopping at crossings for cyclists that never happened before Lumos. On my first two helmets >2yrs I recently replaced all the pads inside. Yes Lumos sell parts to keep them new. When I first purchased had concerns about battery life but even after more than 2 years battery life remains near the same.

The light gorgon

it's just the ideal helmet. just look at a car to stop it. I feel really safe with It.

Ultra Visor
Jürgen Rößler

Ultra Visor

Lumos Kickstart
Susan Clay
Very satisfied

I think this will make a lovely Christmas present for my son and make his bicycle travelling in the dark much safer.

Remote + Handlebar Mount
Hans De Geetere



i found my lights quite good when i am riding in the night. the battery saving mode is brighter than i thought it would be. i was quite worried of the drivers when i had to turn right or left. I feel safer now after sunset.
Good Work

Lumos Matrix
T Renee
Greatest Helmet Ever!

Initially, I owned the Kickstart which I enjoyed. Since I live in a congested urban area, I love being able to indicate my turns and being able to be seen. With the Matrix, I'm able to do these things and express my personality.

Lumos Ultra
Jesse Dizard
Comfortable and functional

I have not had a crash yet and hope I never do. In the meantime this helmet is comfortable and works well. The visor helps and I strongly recommend it come with the helmet. I think it would also be an improvement if the settings could allow for the front light to be steady and the rear lights to blink.

Ultra Bug Net
Thomas Knoll
Great helmet

On time delivery, helmet meets expectations in full and fits perfectly

Remote + Handlebar Mount
Thomas Liljegren

A great upgrade for my Lumos Ultra MIPS.

Lumos Ultra
Jaime E Bou
Great Helmet

The build quality of the helmet is great. It has a solid build and its way lighter than I expected. I feel like I am more visible on the road. The turn signaling is pretty cool. I did have an issue with the helmet protective port but support was stellar and above and beyond.

Qualité et sécurité

Pour tous les déplacements en EDPM je recommande vivement.
C'est vraiment un plus pour notre sécurité.

Lumos Ultra
Larry Bray
Lumos Ultra Helmet - Love it!

Very comfortable. I keep checking to make sure I have it on. I love the directional lights and the brake light feature. I have gotten lots of compliments about it.

Lumos Kickstart
E. Vortanz

Seen on the head of a cylist at 25. Nov. - ordered - tried by myself today - and I like it - impressive

Lumos Ultra
Catherine Vanderhoeven
Great Helmet

I use the helmet every time I ride my bike, it's so practical

Spoke reflectors

Easy to put on, very light reflective. Good buy!!!

Lumos Kickstart
Janet Redman
Limos Kickstart

Bought as Xmas present and not yet opened by recipient.

Lumos Street
Josef Tautscher
Saved wife of major injuries

I only just bought two new Lumos helmets, the following day the wife and I went for a bike ride.
When we’re passed Road-pavement notwork, my wife fell in to a trench! the fence surrounding the hole was not secured properly and sliding down she hit and scraped the Lumos helmet to such an extent it can’t be used again. Good news is she survived the incident with just a few bruises.

Lumos Ultra
Tamara Kalin
Great helmet

Holds a charge well and provides the right amount of light. I would recommend this helmet.

Helmet Padding
Obed Reyes
I like the new padding

I like this new padding better the last one, I mind going to buy another one soon.

Lumos Ultra
Guy Prémont
Still very happy and my wife and boy too.

Everything worked fine an the package arruved very fast.

Lumos Ultra
Zsófia Szabó
Lumos Ultra helmet

It's an eye-pleasing product with useful accessories. The remote light works well and the MIPS makes me feel safe on the road. The front light could be a bit more powerful, but cycling around the city it's ok. Anyway it worths the five stars. My favourite feature about the Lumos ultra is the synchronized blinking of the backlights, I bought two of them and it looks so chic in the night.

Lumos Matrix
anastasia belodumova

Lumos Matrix

Ultra Visor
Mike Cornwell
Love it!

A very long wait and well worth it!

Lumos Ultra (Limited Edition)
Justin Rukerankiko
Awesome helmet

Great helmet. Family is a big fan. However, the “purple “ and white color from the online store cld be closer to purple instead of the magenta thst was delivered .